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Puresport Lion’s Mane Capsules

Lion’s Mane contains neuroprotective compounds. These promote cell regeneration, helping to protect your brain from neurodegenerative conditions for long-term brain health, focus + concentration.

Real Mushroom 5 Defenders Capsules

5 Mushroom Complex for Natural Immune Support: Made from organic and 100% real Chaga mushroom, Turkey Tail mushroom, Maitake mushroom, Shiitake mushroom, and Reishi mushroom, our 5 Defenders Supplement is the perfect dietary sidekick that can provide your body with natural immune support.

Shafaa Evolve Cognition Capsules

Shafaa’s Evolve Magic Mushroom Microdosing Cognition Capsules stack is inspired by the globally acknowledged self-taught mycologist, Paul Stamets, nootropic cognitive enhancer, and is claimed to show efficacy in epigenetic neurogenesis in our brain cells.

Shafaa Evolve Magic Mushroom Microdosing Tincture

Extracted in alcohol, this psilocybin tincture product is arguably the fastest and most bioavailable transport mechanism that your body absorbs the active psilocybin and psilocin molecules.

Shafaa Microdosing Shrooms Capsules Blend

This energy stack blend is designed to help your physical stamina and mental wellness.

Shafaa Prime Microdosing Shrooms Capsules – 100 mg

These sub-perceptional and non-psychoactive capsules consist of pure Golden Teacher Psilocybe Cubensis and are carefully produced for easier digestion of microdose psilocybin mushrooms.

Shroomies – Microcaps 3000mg Psilocybin Microdosing Caps (15x200mg)

Shroomies’ Microcaps delivers the perfect dose of mushrooms required to enhance your well-being, while still allowing you to function. Each capsule contains Ginger Root Extract, which will reduce nausea that is often experienced during ingestion of Psilocybin Mushrooms.

Shroomology – Microdosed Psilocybe Mushroom Bottle

Micro-dosing is the act of consuming sub-perceptual, unnoticeable amounts of a psychedelic substance. Many individuals who have integrated Shroomology Microdosed Mushrooms psilbocynbin mushrooms to their weekly routine report higher levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, and improved relational skills.

Spore Wellness (Cognitive) Microdosing Mushroom Capsules

Our non-intoxicating formula contains a blend of Golden Teacher (psilocybe cubensis), Lion’s Mane (hericium erinaceus), Organic Ginger and Niacin (Vitamin B3).

Spore Wellness (Energy) Microdosing Mushroom Capsules

Our unique formula is non-intoxicating and will improve energy and stamina. Each bottle of SWEN contains 25 capsules which are vegan and gluten free.

Spore Wellness (Immune) Microdosing Mushroom Capsules

Our unique non-intoxicating formula is ideal for those looking to give their insides a healthy boost.Each bottle of SWI contains 25 capsules (500mg per capsule). Vegan and gluten free.

Spore Wellness (Reset) Macrodosing Mushroom Capsules

Each package of Spore Wellness (Reset) Macrodosing Mushroom Capsules contains 12 capsules (500mg per capsule). All Spore Wellness products are Vegan and Gluten Free.